Our vision for the schoolhouse is a clean, handicapped accessible and functional building where we can host a variety of events new to the community as well as reviving some of the historical usages.  Our plans include:
  • Dances and Musical Gatherings
  • Art Shows and Bazaars
  • Classes and Lectures
  • Community Get-togethers
  • Movie Showings
The historical use of the Mountain Brook School for various educational events is fondly remembered by those who were involved.  We would like to see a return of events such as:
  • Medieval and Colonial Days
  • Holocaust Day of Hiding
  • Stream Surveys
  • Environmental Education
Our dedication to providing an educational facility leads us to also explore new avenues of education.  Ideas proposed include:
  • Poetry Retreats
  • Earth Day Activities
  • Opportunities for other volunteer projects
We believe restoring the school will make such ideas a reality.  It will also enable us to expand the use of the gym building to better accommodate the growing library project.
Mountain Brook School has always been a place that brings the community together.  Our hope is to continue in that path by renovating the buildings to a condition that can provide new memories for future generations.
You can help!
Financially -
  • Donate to the project by purchasing needed supplies or providing services listed on the Wish List.  Remember that all donations made toward the foundation are tax deductable.
Volunteer -
  • Join the Renovation Team!  They meet at the site Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm till 8pm.  Be sure to check the Home page announcements for changes in the scheduling.
  • Check the Wish List for specific tasks that need to be done.  Perhaps one of them would be easy for you to supply.
Every effort helps.  We can not accomplish this goal without your help.  Think about what you can do today!
North classroom prior to tear-out
Simulated renovation
South classroom prior to tear-out
Simulated renovation