What is Stack-a-Books?

Stack-a-Books is a contest we have organized for readers grades Pre-9th to turn the time they spend reading every day into a chance for $50.00!  That’s right.  From February 1st until our annual pie social on May 14th, signed up participants can log minutes at the Community Library for tickets to the grand prize drawing of $50.00.


How does it work?

After signing up, readers simply keep track of how many minutes they read on our special time sheet.  Time spent reading for school counts as well as being read aloud to (pre-3rd).  Then simply total the minutes up and bring the sheet in to the library Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 5pm to 8pm.  The librarian will figure how many tickets have been earned based on the grade table below and place them in the drawing.


Pre-K grade

100 minutes

1 Ticket

1st-3rd   grade

200 minutes

1 Ticket

4th-6th  grade

300 minutes

1 Ticket

7th-9th  grade

400 minutes

1 Ticket



There is no limit of how many tickets can be entered.  Books do not have to be checked out from our library.  A parent/guardian’s signature does have to be on the sheet to turn it in for grades Pre-6th.


The winner is drawn on the evening of our annual Pie and Ice Cream Social in May.  If the winner is not present that evening we will contact them by phone requesting them to come to the library to claim the certificate and prize money. 


What do I have to do to sign up?

There are two options.


1.        Click here to send us an email saying you would like to be signed up for Stack-a-Books.  


Download and print the attached tracking minutes .pdf at the bottom of this page.  Start right away keeping track of your minutes.  You will receive a confirmation email from us soon but you do not need to wait for it.



2.      Stop in at the library any time after February 1st on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 5pm-8pm and tell the librarian that you would like to sign up for Stack-a-Books.  The librarian will need the same information listed above.  Then the librarian will provide you with a sheet to help you keep track of your minutes and you are up and reading!

Why we do it

As a non-profit organization that promotes education, we are constantly trying to interest more children in the knowledge available to them in books.  We know that the child who reads will do better in school and ultimately be able to achieve anything they set their mind to.
The Stack-a-Books reading program is designed to keep children reading outside of the classroom.  Our hope is that the prize money earned will convey to children that reading can be fun and very rewarding.
It is our self-assigned mission to provide a place where books, activities, and games are available to our community.  We know that these children will one day make up our world.  No investment in their future is too small or not worth the effort in our eyes.
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