Officers and Elected Board Members

President: Bill Nickel

Bill Nickel has been involved with the foundation since its beginning in 2002.  In 2008, he volunteered to serve as one of two main supervisors for the renovation project of the 1920's schoolhouse.  He has been responsible for setting up weekly work nights, to which he has been a faithful attendee any time his schedule allows.  Bill has served on the board in the past as chairman of the Facilities Committee (2006-2008), and as President (2009-2010).

Vice-President: Rod Graham


Treasurer: Sandy Harvey


Secretary: Jeryl Hollinger 

Jeryl Hollinger has been a part of the foundation since 2005. He has always liked being involved in events that bring the community together. He has served on the board in the past as Secretary (2007-2011).

"Since we moved to the Mountain Brook area in 1996, I have been aware of the happenings at the Mountain Brook School and as things developed would often walk down the hill to a pie social or some other event.  I got a library card and made occasional donations to the projects.

"I began coming to the monthly meetings of the Board in the fall of 2005.  I like to be involved in projects and activities that bring the community together and it seemed to me that the Mountain Brook campus was one of the primary places that was happening in our community.  I am also attracted to the long term vision of restoring the buildings.  I think it can become a place of keeping local history and creating space for contemporary learning and gathering.

"I was elected secretary of the Board and began taking minutes of the monthly meetings in January, 2007 and continue to do so to the present.  I feel that I do not put as much time and energy into the workings of the Mountain Brook vision as many others do.  But I do what I can and this is one way I can contribute.  The monthly meetings give me a sense of belonging to the community and keeps me informed about developments."

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Board of Directors: Susan Horner-Till

Board of Directors: Heidi Wunderlich

Board of Directors: Mark Zielinski

Board of Directors: Virginia Zielinski